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I am a career coach on a mission to help you discover and land your high-paying dream career


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Welcome to The Career Diet!

I started The Career Diet because it took me years of trial and error to crack the hiring code on my own. I thought I was struggling because I moved countries and wasn’t a native speaker.

Turned out it was because I didn’t have a strategy and lacked an understanding of how employers make hiring decisions. And when I finally mastered both, I started getting headhunted for 6 figure offers abroad.

That’s when I got on the other side of recruitment hiring candidates, and I was shocked with just how many ambitious professionals are lost and unhappy in their careers, settling for opportunities they don’t want.

I believe everyone can be a star candidate who knows they have options, who enjoys both fulfillment and money, who has employers fighting for them.

I’m so excited to share my proven strategies that worked for me and 100s of my students. Ready to become a star candidate with a dream high-paying career?

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You’re ready for a career that lights you up.

You’re done settling. You are done with a career that doesn't excite and challenge you. You want more.


Ready to become a star candidate?

Network like a Pro course

My proven networking techniques put my students in front of their target employers and landed them their dream jobs. Learn what networking is, how to make connections, exactly what to say when you reach out, what questions to ask and how to stay in touch. Scripts included!

Master the Interview course

Do you easily land interviews but struggle to get offers? Learn exactly what you need to do to prepare for interviews, answer any question that can come up and show the employers you’re a star they must have on their team.

The Star Candidate Program

This is my signature coaching program to help you discover and land your high-paying dream career. From now on, you don’t have to choose between money and fulfillment.

Anna helped me receive a dream job!

“She is like a match maker, but for careers. She focuses on results and actions. Leave all the excuses of what is not working, or why you can’t do something at the door and be ready to work. Her formula works and you can feel her dedication to helping you reach your goal in every conversation.”

Royal B., LinkedIn, Account Executive