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What my students say about The Star Candidate program

Student Dana

From analyst to director of operations in a new industry and 40% salary increase

I was completely burnt out and quit my job as an analyst in the consumer goods sector to take some time to recover. I knew that I wanted to fast track my path to my next job – why take 10 times longer if it’s possible to shorten the process and the learning curve? That’s when I joined The Star Candidate program. My mindset and attitude towards job searching changed: I got clear on the kind of job I want, a job that is aligned with my values. I learned how to make connections on LinkedIn and build my brand which was pivotal in helping me get headhunted in a completely new industry and landing the job. I went from being an analyst to a Director of Operations with a team of 100 people, earning 6 figures for the first time (a 40% salary increase!).”

Luisa S., Director of Operations, International Law Firm (USA)

Student: Pinar

Career clarity, working with the UN and WWF, and 41% salary increase

“Before The Star Candidate program, I was going on LinkedIn, looking for jobs and sending resumes into an empty void. My strategy was customizing my resume to each job – I spent a lot of time doing that. After 3 months, I knew something has to change and joined The Star Candidate program.

After I joined, I felt like I took my power back. I realized that I am in a position to choose the job I want. I got clarity and instead of applying to every random company, I got really specific with where I wanted to work.

I took Anna’s advice to network everywhere: I was reaching out to people on LinkedIn and making connections in real life. Through a referral, I got introduced to a private Slack community of people in the industry I was targeting, sustainability. This is how I got introduced to the hiring manager for a role that looked interesting and met with him and a couple of my future coworkers before applying. This kickstarted a very long interview process. I was so grateful for The Star Candidate program because I was confident in my responses!

I landed a job a lot more senior than my previous role, working with organizations like the UN and WWF and securing 41% salary increase.”

Urvashi, Sustainability Manager (Canada)

Student Vidhan

€32,000 salary increase and a perfect fit job in 7 weeks

“The Star Candidate Program will be will be one of the best investments you can make in yourself.

It helped me realign myself to my work and life goals and tackle the entire process head-on in a very straightforward but strategic way. And one the most important part of the program came down to working on my mindset and shifting from a state of fear to a state of confidence and believing in myself.

I landed this job within 7 weeks of starting the Star Candidate Program. It was the most challenging interview process I’ve ever gone through and it had been made known to me that I was the least experienced candidate in the selection pool however I did my best to demonstrate and highlight my skills versus my experience. My offer is €32K more than my previous salary. I’m over the moon!”

Maddi D., Director of People Operations, NGO (Portugal)

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