How to Land Dream Interviews Without Applying for Jobs

Learn how to land interviews without submitting applications.
Attract job opportunities.
Start building a supportive network.
All in a matter of weeks.

This training is for you if:

You apply for jobs online and feel busy job searching but don’t make much progress

You’re lost with how to get interviews for the jobs you don’t have all the required experience for

You don’t want just any job becasue you know you’re meant for more

You’ve heard about the hidden job market but you don’t understand what it really is and how to access it

You’ve tried getting referrals but it didn’t go anywhere so you default to online applications

You’re done with applying for jobs online and not hearing back.

You want to land interviews with ease. You want to feel in control on your job search. You are done waiting to be noticed.

Ready to land your dream interview with ease?

In 60 minutes, you’ll learn:

My 4-step “Book the Interview” method you need to start landing job opportunities without applying

What the top 1% of professionals do to have never-ending job leads without even looking

How to have dream companies reach out to you directly for your dream opportunities

Why submitting online applications isn’t working: the truth behind the hiring process


The method I teach inside this training have landed The Career Diet students jobs at…

Past students have found jobs at these companies

Hi, I’m Anna

I’m a career coach and job search strategist.

I help ambitious go-getters get in the driver seat of their career, discover and land their 6-figure dream roles, without the overwhelm, frustration and endless applications that typically come with job hunting.

I’ve been through this process myself: I went from a defeated international student stuck in meh jobs, to 6-figure dream job offers abroad that found me, without me actively looking or applying.

I’ve helped over 1,000 professionals from over 35 countries make their dream careers their reality.

And I can do the same for you.

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Ready to land your dream interview with ease

without applying in a matter of weeks?

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