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Tap into the hidden job market and pave the foundation for career growth through the skill of networking


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Have you ever been in a position where…

  • You feel defeated because you’re not getting interviews even though you know you’d be a great fit for the role
  • You feel lost because people are landing roles you don’t even know exists and you feel excluded from the job market
  • You feel frustrated because you’ve been applying for popular jobs that you’re not passionate about because you don’t know what other options you have

Join Anna Belyaeva, Founder of The Career Diet and creator of The Star Candidate Program, for her Network like a Pro course.

In this step-by-step video learning experience, Anna will teach you the EXACT networking process she used to land herself job offers without even applying for a job!

Invest in yourself today for only $297

What’s in it for you:

self-paced course turning you into a networking pro


Lesson 1:

What is networking?

In this lesson, we lay the foundation to start you on your networking journey. You will:

  • Achieve clarity on what networking actually involves
  • Discover 3 types of networking and the importance of each
  • Learn what networking is for (hint: networking is a lot more than just a tool to get interviews)

Lessons 2 and 3:

Mindset & Why network

In these two lessons, we discuss why most people struggle with networking and why it is so powerful as a career tool.

  • Work through the 4 most common mindset blocks that job seekers face around networking
  • Discover the hidden job market and go on a recruiter’s journey to finding the right applicant
  • How to utilize networking to evaluate whether a role is right for you

Lesson 4:

Who to reach out to

In this lesson, we cover the different actors within the job hiring arena and the secrets of connecting with them.

  • Uncover the exact steps I use to find the right people to network with
  • Explore the different people within an organization that you can reach out to
  • Discover who the decision-maker is behind the role (hint: it’s not always the talent team!)

Lesson 5:

How to make connections

In this lesson, we look at the common mistakes in networking outreach and crafting messages that get higher response rates.

  • Gain clarity on what not to do when sending out networking messages
  • Break down scripts I use that helped my students land their dream offers
  • Explore how those scripts can be personalized to suit your needs

Lesson 6:

Special situations

In this lesson, we cover networking internally within the company you already work at and networking when moving geographically.

  • Learn the difference between networking externally and internally
  • Learn best practices for booking networking meetings in a different city or country
  • Special considerations for networking with people in other countries

Lesson 7:

How to follow up

In this lesson, we look at what to do when you’re not getting responses and how to overcome objections.

  • Explore follow up scripts and mindset behind them (hint: following up is not bugging people!)
  • Discover how to overcome objections when your new contact says no to a meeting
  • Learn how and when to use email over LinkedIn to follow up

Lesson 8:

Networking meeting

In this lesson, we look at how you can prepare for the meeting you’ve set up, even if you’ve never done it before. You will:

  • Be guided on the often overlooked logistics of setting up a meeting
  • Explore the different questions to ask the various people you will meet
  • Be taken through the post-meeting procedure to ensure you made a lasting impression

Lesson 9:

Networking events

In this lesson, we cover networking events and how important they really are.

  • Learn if the events are worth it (hint:you don’t have to go to events!)
  • Discover how to connect with speakers at the event
  • How to approach networking events as an introvert

Lesson 10:

How to stay in touch

In this lesson, we look at how to maintain your connections and how your network will help your career long-term.

  • Find out how networking is not only a short-term solution to get a job immediately
  • How to leverage the network you’ve made for long-term growth
  • Actionable next steps to formulate a networking strategy that works for you
The Career Diet - Shobhith Testimonial

I learned that strangers love to help

Anna, thank you so much for helping me have the frameworks to learn how to network correctly and get on phone calls with strangers to discuss potential roles I was considering. I learned that strangers love to help and exactly how to reach out to land phone calls to discuss roles I wanted to break into!”

Chris Puca, Customer Success Manager

Student: Pinar

It changed my life!

“Anna is a genius. Networking can be such an abstract concept to someone with zero experience like me but she broke it down to very simple and actionable steps that changed my life. By lesson 3, I was already landing interviews and even gotten advocacy from a Partner in my firm who asked HR to give me a second chance when I let my nerves get the best of me and failed my first interview!”

Xindi S., EY, Assurance - Senior Associate

You want to grow in your career but you continue to eschew networking.

You can probably relate to one of these…

  • You have heard that networking is the way to a get dream interviews but you don’t know where to even start
  • You feel like networking as icky because it means you have to exploit others for personal gain
  • You find networking awkward and stressful because you have to make shallow, insincere connections in a room full of strangers
  • You tried networking before but it didn’t go anywhere and you hated it so you don’t understand what all the hype is about

What if I told you that networking can be ick-free, fun, joyful and enriching?

8 years ago, I graduated from a competitive business school. I was feeling confident in my perfectly manicured resume and excited to get started on the future I envisioned. Little did I know what actually lies ahead of me.

Countless rejections later, I found myself defeated and unmotivated… that is, until I discovered the skill of networking.

Since then, I’ve moved cities, changed careers twice, received multiple job offers without a single job application, built a successful career in enterprise sales where I network for a living and actually enjoy it!

In my 5 years in the recruitment industry, I’ve worked with top employers in Canada, read thousands of resumes, and talked to hundreds of qualified candidates, only to reject 99% of them as they weren’t what the recruiters were looking for. And so I founded The Career Diet to share my tips and tricks on how to become the Star Candidate I was looking for as a recruiter.

I also started thinking about how I can help job applicants in a way that is more impactful than the free advice I give on Instagram but more accessible than my exclusive Star Candidate Program.

How can I teach you the most important aspect of job search in the least amount of time?

This is what inspired me to create my Network like a Pro course!

Anna Belyaeva - The Career Diet - About Me

This is for ambitious professionals who:

  • Are applying online but not landing interviews (even when meeting all the requirements)
  • Want to grow in their career long-term by building their network in an enjoyable and sustainable way
  • Want to have job opportunities come to them without applying by learning how to navigate the hidden job market

In just 10 lessons, I’ll teach you how to get started on your networking journey…

Following my proven step by step networking process.

It took me 8 years to master this process and in this comprehensive course, I have packaged and streamlined everything I learned in these proven steps. I will teach you how to make connections, book meetings, have meaningful networking conversations, and to stay in touch long-term.

This is the same process that landed Kim a brand new job in a brand new industry, whilst putting her on track to doubling her salary in 6 months…

… and Laura, who went from being stressed out by the job search process to landing her dream job within a month!

Before this, the only way to get access to this formula was through my exclusive coaching program, the Star Candidate Program, which costs $1,997 to enroll.

But when you join the Network like a Pro program today, you’ll get it for $297

    What past students are saying: you’ll see the results fast!

    With this investment, you will

    • Learn how to connect with your target companies and have your first meetings in a matter of days
    • Land referrals and interviews by mastering the art of leading a networking meeting
    • Fall in love with networking and learn an awkwardness-free way of building connections outside of your current circle (even as an introvert)
    • Unlock the power of social media as a networking tool
    • Tap into the hidden job market you keep hearing about to finally stop applying for hundreds of jobs online
    Anna Belyaeva - The Career Diet - About Me

    About Anna

    On top of being the founder of The Career Diet, I’m part job search strategist, part career coach and part cheerleader! Over the past 8 years, I’ve gone from an international student in Canada who was barely fluent in English to being sought by top employers in the country asking ‘what would it take for you to come onboard?’.

    In 2020, I started The Career Diet to revolutionize the way job searches are performed and pave the way for a generation of Star Candidates through my proven method.

    By 2022, I have amassed a strong 170k+ following on social media platforms and upskilled hundreds of students who are now thriving in their dream jobs.

    We are the new cohort of Star Candidates.

    About Anna

    On top of being the founder of The Career Diet, I’m part job search strategist, part career coach and part cheerleader! Over the past 8 years, I’ve gone from an international student in Canada who was barely fluent in English to being sought by top employers in the country asking ‘what would it take for you to come onboard?’.

    In 2020, I started The Career Diet to revolutionize the way job searches are performed and pave the way for a generation of Star Candidates through my proven method.

    By 2022, I have amassed a strong 170k+ following on social media platforms and upskilled hundreds of students who are now thriving in their dream jobs.

    We are the new cohort of Star Candidates.


    Anna Belyaeva - The Career Diet - About Me

    What My Students Say

    Student Vidhan

    It was via networking that I landed this new job in a brand new industry

    “One of the most powerful tools Anna taught me is networking. It was via networking that I landed this new job in a brand new industry. Within two months in Anna’s program, I was able to leave my unfulfilling, underpaying job and I landed a position at a tech startup as an account executive. Definitely the most illustrious title I’ve had under my belt, and if things go to plan, I’m on my way to doubling my salary within 6 months. If you are ready to put in the worth and recognize your own potential, Anna is your person. Do it!!!”

    Kim N., Account Executive, Ed-Tech

    Student: Pinar

    I used to think that organizations post their vacancies online

    “I didn’t know much about job search process. I used to think that organizations post their vacancies online, but The Career Diet helped me realize that the market is not bounded to those applications and helped me in getting into the market which is accessible to candidates with pro-active approach. I would definitely recommend anyone who is thinking about taking up Career Diet to just GO FOR IT 100%!! It is going to change your approach of job search.”

    Vidhan V., Engineer, GomSpace

    What You’ll Get With Network like a Pro



    Teaching ste-by-step how to become a networking pro



    With templates & scripts covering 100s of possible networking scenarios



    You can come back to the course any time for a refresher



    Private Linkedin Group of The Career Diet alumni ready to help

    FOUR Bonuses Include:

    30+ Proven Scripts That GET Responses

    In this bonus, I am giving you 30+ scripts tailored to who you intend to reach out to. Never again be stuck wondering how you should reach out and why you are not receiving responses to your LinkedIn messages.

    40+ The Career Diet Approved Questions

    So you’ve landed the meeting. Now, what? In this bonus, I’ve compiled a list of questions that will not only get you the information you need to make an informed decision but also allow you to present yourself as a recruit who asks insightful questions.

    Tracker To Keep in Touch with Your Network

    Your network is your net worth. So don’t lose track of it! It can be overwhelming when you’ve sent so many messages and everyone’s getting back to you all at once (thanks to the previous two bonuses!). This bonus eliminates the confusion that comes with it.

    Limited-time Bonus

    “Ditch the Nerves” training series

    I know just how scary networking can be… In this short series, communication coach Ivan Wanis Ruiz and I come together to teach you exactly what to do if you freeze, get awkward or feel nervous when meeting people. We got you.

    Join Network like a Pro

    Claim your spot now for a commitment of: 

    What’s included:

    • Lifetime access to content portal, including all future updates
    • 10 video lessons walking you through how to build a network step-by-step
    • BONUS: 30+ scripts covering all common networking scenarios
    • BONUS: 40+ questions to ask in networking meetings to build rapport and land referrals
    • BONUS: Tracker to keep you organized and in touch with your new network long-term
    • LIMITED-TIME BONUS: ‘Ditch the Nerves’ Training Series with a Communication Coach 
    • Community and network of our students & alumni ready to help via a private LinkedIn group


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    What if I don’t have the right personality to be a pro-networker?

    When I first heard of the term ‘networking’, I was terrified. I was an international student in Canada who is still learning the English language and the last thing I wanted to do is to go into a room full of executives and speak to them. That is, until I discovered that networking is a skill anyone can learn! And like any skill, it can be practiced.

    How much time will it take each day?

    This is a self-paced training to be completed at your own pace. I know sometimes life can get in the way so I’ve designed this training to be able to fit around your schedule.

    Does this training work for all markets and industries?

    Yes! The networking process that I’ll be teaching can be used for any industry or role. I’ve used the same process when I changed my career from accounting to consumer goods. My students have also used it for a wide range of industries from Ed-Tech to Management Consulting to Space Science!

    Is there a refund policy?

    The Network like a Pro program is specifically created for people who understand the value behind this experience and have set the intention to actually apply the practical tools and insights provided in these lessons.

    When you join the program, you have instant access to skills that will shape your journey for many years to come. This means no more sacrificing what you really want to do or settling for the second-best role

    That is my guaranteed ‘return’ to you.

    Past students say

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