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You land interviews but something prevents you from landing the offer…

Does any of this sound like you?

You feel overwhelmed when you look up interview advice and see all the possible questions that can come up

You KNOW you have what it takes to kill it at the jobs you interview for, but you can’t seem to land an offer

You are unsure how to market yourself as the best candidate for the job and wow the interviewers

You get nervous and freeze during interviews, forgetting everything you’ve prepared in advance

You ramble and can never get it right when you get a question you didn’t prepare

You struggle with how to nail the dreaded but so common questions like “Tell me about yourself” and “Why do you want this job”

Invest in yourself today

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You want to nail your next interview to land the offer, but you keep putting off investing in mastering the interview skills.

You can probably relate to one of these…

You feel like you’re just not good at interviews and it’s not something you’ll ever excel at or enjoy

You hate the idea of “selling yourself” during interviews

You have landed jobs before, so you think it will eventually work out again

What if I told you that interviews can be fun and enjoyable?

When I graduated from a competitive business school 9 years ago, I was surprised to discover that landing jobs was as hard as before going to business school. On top of that, as an introvert and an international student with an accent, I wasn’t “a natural” when it came to interviews.

So, I decided to practice. I asked dozens of industry professionals to sit down with me, mock interview me and then give me feedback. This is when I learned how interviewers think and that they’re looking for.

Since then, I’ve moved cities, changed careers twice, and received multiple 6 figure job offers without a single job application. I’ve learned to market myself so well that in my last job interview, just 15 minutes in, I heard “What would it take for you to come on board?”. Now, I actually enjoy and have fun with interviews.

I’ve also worked in the recruitment industry with top employers in Canada for 5 years, During that time I prepped hundreds of candidates for interviews, and then debriefed every interview with the hiring managers.

This is when I learned firsthand that it’s not the most qualified candidate who always gets the job, the best marketer does. Too many people land dream interviews but struggle to sell themselves as the right candidate for the job.

So, I started thinking about how I can help job applicants who easily get interviews but struggle to land jobs. And this is how Master the Interview was born!


In just 8 lessons, I’ll teach you how to nail job interviews…

Following my proven framework I developed during years of working side-by-side with the hiring managers.

This is the same framework that helped Royal go from months of interviewing with big tech companies without a single offer to landing her dream job at LinkedIn.

… as well as Denesha, who used the strategies she learned in Master the Interview, to market herself in her career-defining interview, when changing careers from teaching to policy.

… and Narine, who went from interviewing with dozens of top employers but struggling to get offers, to landing her first 6-figure offer with Staples.

I am here to help

I’m here to give you my unique interview prep strategy that worked

for hundreds of my students to land jobs with the top employers

across the world.

This is for you if…


You get interviews with ease but struggle to land job offers


You have an important interview coming up and you have to show up as your best self


You haven’t done job interviews for a while and now that you’re back on the job search market, you’re feeling rusty

Hi, I’m Anna

On top of being the founder of The Career Diet, I’m part job search strategist, part career coach and part cheerleader!

Over the past 10 years, I’ve gone from an international student in Canada who was barely fluent in English to being sought by top employers in the country asking ‘what would it take for you to come onboard?’.

In 2020, I started The Career Diet to revolutionize the way job searches are performed and pave the way for a generation of Star Candidates through my proven method.

By 2023, I have amassed a strong 280k+ following on social media platforms and upskilled hundreds of students who are now thriving in their dream jobs.

We are the new cohort of Star Candidates.

Master the Interview

Joining the course right now, you will receive…

My unique interview strategy

What you’ll learn inside will change the way you prep ans show up for interviews forever. You’ll finally have a stategy and will feel 10/10 confident going into your next interview.

Video Lessons

8 video lessons covering everything you need to prep for your next interview in the shortest amount of time possible and start hearing “what would it take for you to come on board” mid interview.

Scripts and Templates

40+ questions to ask in an interview and our signature Worksheet with interview questions broken down into categories so that you don’t have to prep for 100s of different questions.

Expert Advice

You’ll learn all the hiring behind the scenes secrets I’ve learned when I recruited for 100s of roles with Canada’s top employers and that now helped 600+ Career Diet students wordwide land incredible offers. 

Lifetime Access

That’s right! You’ll always have access to the course and all future updates. So, 2 years from now when you’re interviewing for your next job, you can come back and brush up on your skills.

1:1 Mock Interview Prep

Option to upgrade and book a 60 minute video mock interview prep with Anna or one of our certified coaches to help you make the final tweaks to your answers. This is the cherry on top!

Real students, real results

Past student results

Anna helped me receive a dream job! I was going into interviews doubting all of my experience because I was switching industries. My resume was getting noticed, but I wasn’t landing any jobs. After working with Anna, I realized I was selling myself short in interviews and not speaking directly to my greatness. Anna pushed me to uncover the best parts of my career, put them in a concise story and maximize the way I show results. Anna was brilliant. She taught me a great interview structure and I noticed the difference in my interview experiences with companies.

Royal B., LinkedIn, Account Executive

Before the program, I was I was getting interviews but none of those interviews were leading to a job offer. Master the Interview course has helped me to strategize my answers during the interviews and present my skillset in a more confident way. Anna helped me to become a star candidate and get that 6 figure salary. Thank you Anna for all your help throughout this journey!

Narine N., Staples, Marketing Manager

Anna truly turned me into a Star Candidate! Working with her was amazing right from the get-go because she is prompt, reliable, and will make you feel incredibly confident. She is a career rockstar and I guarantee she will up your game instantly. Before Anna, I was stressed about the job hunt and nervous during each interview. Now, I get excited before interviews because I effortlessly nail all the questions by following The Career Diet program. After hearing back from and interviewing with 7 companies, I have now accepted an offer for my dream job and I could not have done it without Anna!

Alison C., guudguuds, Marketing Manager

Course Curriculum

Lesson 1. Interview stages: what to expect and what’s important in each

Lesson 2. Six interview types: when they come up and why

Lesson 3. General questions: tell me about yourself, why this role

Lesson 4. How to talk about strengths and weaknesses

Lesson 5. Strategy for behavioral interview prep

Lesson 6. My signature structure for interview answers

Lesson 7. Prepping for non-behavioral interviews

Lesson 8. Questions for the interviewer and follow up


Invest the time to learn the interview skill, so that interviews are no longer a problem. Ever in your life.

Stop dreading interviews. Imagine actually enjoying them?!

Ditch the nerves because you’re 100% ready and know what to do if you get a question you didn’t prepare for.

Learn exactly what to tell the interviewer so they hire YOU.

Finally have a wow answer to ‘Tell me about yourself’. Learn my unique, effective and structured method that past students have called ‘gold’.

Master the behavioural questions with my signature approach not taught anywhere before.

Address common communication pitfalls that most candidates fall into.

Learn how to ask smart and strategic questions.

Past students landed at

Join Master the Interview



1. “Does it matter what industry I'm targeting?”

Master the Interview course is for ambitious professionals in ALL industries. My past students landed jobs in accounting, customer success, finance, marketing, sales, engineering, education, policy development, consulting, data analysis, UX design, apparel design, pharmacy, journalism, etc.

2. “How long will it take to finish the course?”

You can watch all video lessons in one evening. Keep in mind that the lessons only give you the strategy and structure; your work begins after. Most students take at least 2-4 days to implement what they learned. However, since you’re learning a new skill, I recommend allowing yourself as much time as you can to practice and not putting off interview prep until the night before your big day.

3. “What if I want to practice my responses with a real human?”

If you want to practice before your big day, you can upgrade and add a 60 min x 1:1 mock interview session with Anna once you’re inside the course.

4. “How do I know that this course is right for me?”

Master the Interview is for you if you land interviews but can’t land offers. It’s also the right course for you if you have a big interview coming up that you must nail.

5. “How long do I have access to the course for?”

You get lifetime access to the course, as well as all future updates. So, you can always go back and brush up on your interview skills in the future.

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