The Star Candidate Program

The ultimate roadmap to discovering and
landing your dream job

A group coaching program with weekly coaching calls, unlimited coaching support and online video lessons for job seekers looking to achieve clarity on what their dream job is and make it their reality.

You’re a job seeker looking to grow. You are in search of new opportunities that bring you fulfillment and that actually pay well.

I can relate to that

You know you have the potential to build a career that is both challenging and exciting but something is not working

Does any of this sound like you?
  • You feel lost in your desire for change – maybe you’re starting to lose passion for your current industry, maybe you’re looking to relocate to a different country or maybe you’re happy in your industry but you’re looking for a company with better culture and balance. Whatever it is, you don’t know where to start, how to start, what it is you’re looking for, and how to make big moves without taking a pay cut
  • You feel underemployed in your current role – you’re disengaged from your daily tasks because you seek greater challenges but your current role lacks the space to fully explore what you’re truly capable of
  • You feel uninspired in your current role – you had your eye set on your dream job but somehow ended up settling for this meh offer because your dream role seems too unattainable
  • You feel defeated in your job search – you lost count of how many roles you’ve applied for and how many automated rejection emails that have since piled up in your inbox
  • You feel frustrated after getting ghosted again – you’re consistently reaching the interview round and always feeling confident walking away thinking you did well, only to receive the dreaded ‘Unfortunately on this occasion…’ email.
If you nodded your head to any of the above, I offer you this thought:
what if the problem is not YOU but your job search STRATEGY?

I was on your journey not long ago.

As a foreign student in Canada, I was faced with countless rejections, not hearing back from interviewers and of course, that voice in my head saying ‘I’m an international student with hardly any work experience. Who would hire me??’.

Then, I landed a job in recruitment for the Big4 firms where I was exposed to the backstage of the hiring process. I saw how employers made decisions and how recruiters identify top talents. At that moment, I realized that most people are taught the wrong way to apply for jobs and that I, too, would have to change my job search strategy to attract the right opportunity.

It took 7 years to learn and hone my job search strategy but that job search strategy soon resulted in two career shifts without a pay cut or starting from the bottom, multiple 6-figure job offers and the elusive ‘what would it take for us to get you onboard?’. And now I’m excited to teach you how to do the same and interview like a rockstar.

Anna Belyaeva - The Career Diet - About Me

The right job search is all about:

Learning to embrace the inevitable discomfort and imposter syndrome, address the limiting beliefs and self doubt

Learning to craft your unique selling point to stand out amongst a sea of applicants

Learning to get on the radar of hiring managers, and leave a strong impression to establish yourself as a Star Candidate in their minds when they make hiring decisions

Learning to present and sell yourself on resumes and interview by showing hiring managers how much value you can bring to the role

Learning the strategies of salary negotiation so you can walk away with a pay cheque that is in line with your WORTH

And it’s all about having a community of people going through the same journey to support you and having a mentor who’s been there to guide you all the way.

Welcome to

The Star Candidate Program

My proven framework that has helped hundreds of students land their dream job in WEEKS


We begin by working on YOU and your self-belief.

We first uncover your limiting beliefs to help you identify how you self-sabotage and what’s holding you back. We then teach you the tools you can now always use to bring yourself to “I can” when you’re doubting yourself and feel like a winner every day.


We then define your dream life and design a career as part of it.

We’ll understand who you are, what you want and what you bring already, and use that to create a prototype of your dream job. We’ll then begin your networking journey to test and adjust your prototype by meeting with and learning from real people in real jobs.


Next, we create your unique personal brand that’s perfect for your dream job and get it in front of the hiring managers PROACTIVELY.

The combination of networking, a strong LinkedIn profile and resume is key to capturing the attention of hiring managers and landing interviews with ease, often without even applying.


Once your foot is in the door, we work to seal the deal and LAND that dream role.

We’ll understand who you are, what you want and what you bring already, and use that to create a prototype of your dream job. We’ll then begin your networking journey to test and adjust your prototype by meeting with and learning from real people in real jobs.

This program consists of self-paced online modules that cover every aspect of the job hunting journey and access to unlimited coaching.

That’s right, you can join our group coaching calls even after you land the job.

When you join The Star Candidate Program, the ROI is massive.

Student Vidhan

€32,000 salary increase and a perfect fit job in 7 weeks

“The Star Candidate Program will be will be one of the best investments you can make in yourself.

It helped me realign myself to my work and life goals and tackle the entire process head-on in a very straightforward but strategic way. And one the most important part of the program came down to working on my mindset and shifting from a state of fear to a state of confidence and believing in myself.

I landed this job within 7 weeks of starting the Star Candidate Program. It was the most challenging interview process I’ve ever gone through and it had been made known to me that I was the least experienced candidate in the selection pool however I did my best to demonstrate and highlight my skills versus my experience. My offer is €32K more than my previous salary. I’m over the moon!”

Maddi D., Director of People Operations, NGO (Portugal)

The Career Diet - Shobhith Testimonial

From pharmacist to tech sales in 2 months and doubling the salary

Within two months in Anna’s program, I was able to leave my unfulfilling, underpaying job as a pharmacist. I landed a position at a tech startup as an account executive. Definitely the most illustrious title I’ve had under my belt, and I’m on my way to doubling my salary within 6 months. If you are ready to put in the worth and recognize your own potential, Anna is your person. Do it!!!

Kim N., Account Executive, Ed-Tech (Canada)

Student: Pinar

Two job offers and visa support with Deloitte abroad

“Enrolling in the Star Candidate Program was probably one of the best investments I made in myself as a student. The things I learned here were absolutely crucial in getting 2 job offers abroad with Deloitte in Italy and Germany. I was stressed about the job-seeking process when I started, but in the end, I had multiple offers to choose from! If it hadn’t been for the things I learned in SCP, I definitely would have spent more time and energy on figuring things out by myself and may have settled for less. It gave me a new perspective on the whole job-seeking process, to say the least, and I’m really happy with the results!”

Pinar A., Cyber Security Consultant at Deloitte (Germany)

Breakdown: A Roadmap to your Dream Job

Chapter #1: FUEL

Module #1: Mindset

In order to become a Star Candidate, you have to start thinking like one. This module tackles the false beliefs that feed your self-doubt and lack of confidence. We will set the foundation for a successful mindset that is confident in making decisions and comfortable with aiming for the role that seems too unattainable. At The Career Diet, we believe that everyone has something valuable to share. We love watching our students uncover what makes them shine and gain the confidence to show employers what they can offer.

Chapter #2: DEFINE

Module #2: Discover Your Dream Job

We don’t believe in just getting paid well. We also want your career to serve your dream life. In this module, we’re answering questions that dive into what you want to achieve in your work life and your personal life, in order to create a Prototype of your dream job that integrates both to achieve optimal fulfillment. We then narrow down potential careers and dream employers to find the perfect match that fits into your vision of a fulfilling life.

Module #3: Network like a Pro

Arguably one of the key parts of a job search strategy, and our signature approach, which is why we’ll start networking early in your journey. First, networking will help you test and adjust the Dream Job Prototype: it’s important that you talk to the real people in real jobs before you decide that your prototype is, indeed, your dream job. Next, networking is what will help you land interviews for that dream job you defined for yourself, without even applying for jobs.

Networking is not a “one and done” step. You’ll learn that networking is something to continue investing in during the entire job search process (and even after you land the job).

Inside this module you will gain access to my proven framework where you will learn to think like a recruiter, uncover the hidden job market and master the skill of making meaningful connections. My goal is to make you fall in love with networking. You will soon think of it as nothing more than another coffee chat and be excited about it. This is so key because after all, making great impressions involve firstly getting in front of the hiring managers!

Chapter #3: MARKET

Module #4: Personal Brand

This module will teach how to position yourself as the perfect candidate for your dream job, while still feeling authentic and true to who you are. You’ll follow our proven step-be-step framework to define your personal brand. First, we’ll dive into your career thus far and discover all the major wins and achievements. Then, we’ll work on your image: we will identify what makes you you and the value you have to offer through questions and surveys. The result is a clearly defined personal brand that becomes your unique selling point. And the best part? Once you define your personal brand, working on your LinkedIn profile, resume and interview answers will be so much easier.

Module #5: LinkedIn

We may not be able to control what people think of us, but we sure can influence it. In this module, you will learn how to optimize your LinkedIn page in order to increase connection requests and profile views. You will be guided on how to maximize the limited space you have on LinkedIn to build your online presence and showcase who you are as a candidate and what you can offer to your dream employer.

Module #6: Resume

‘Should I include a picture? Should I keep it to a one-pager?’ This module will answer all these questions and more. Gone are the days where you had to navigate through all the conflicting Google advice. In this module, I will teach you how to structure your resume using my proven framework that has landed my students dream offers within WEEKS. From graduate roles to experienced hire, learning how to present yourself on paper is a crucial skill that will stay with you for the rest of your career.

Chapter #4: LAND

Module #7: Master the Interview

Did you know there are 6 types of interview questions? Yes, in this module, we explore every type of interview question and not just the standard behavioral ones. You will learn our proven structure to infuse your interview responses with your personal brand. This ensures you can clearly articulate your strengths and weaknesses with clarity. You will also walk away with Anna’s top tips. No more ‘my weakness is that I’m a perfectionist’ responses!

Module #8: Salary Negotiation

You’re now fully prepped for the interview. BUT, here at The Career Diet, we do not settle. Thus, we will also prepare for salary negotiations. In this module, we explore your money mindset and address any limiting beliefs to ensure you know your worth. We will also go through how to perform salary research and determine the 3 key salary numbers – the Walk, the Want, the Wish. Lastly, we will cover the strategy of salary negotiation so you can join in the footsteps of previous Star Candidates who received 60% more than their original offer!

Plus, this is a group program with weekly interactive coaching calls to ensure you get tailored support and a community to share your wins and struggles!

Are you ready to ditch underemployment and the ‘Sorry’ emails?

Student: Pinar

Career clarity, working with the UN and WWF, and 41% salary increase

“Before The Star Candidate program, I was going on LinkedIn, looking for jobs and sending resumes into an empty void. My strategy was customizing my resume to each job – I spent a lot of time doing that. After 3 months, I knew something has to change and joined The Star Candidate program.

After I joined, I felt like I took my power back. I realized that I am in a position to choose the job I want. I got clarity and instead of applying to every random company, I got really specific with where I wanted to work.

I took Anna’s advice to network everywhere: I was reaching out to people on LinkedIn and making connections in real life. Through a referral, I got introduced to a private Slack community of people in the industry I was targeting, sustainability. This is how I got introduced to the hiring manager for a role that looked interesting and met with him and a couple of my future coworkers before applying. This kickstarted a very long interview process. I was so grateful for The Star Candidate program because I was confident in my responses!

I landed a job a lot more senior than my previous role, working with organizations like the UN and WWF and securing 41% salary increase.”

Urvashi, Sustainability Manager (Canada)

Student: Pinar

Move from USA to Germany and leveling up to the next career hight

This is so worth the investment! Before the Career Diet, I was applying to job offers online without knowing if what I was doing was the right thing since it is not really taught at school. I kind of felt defeated by the whole process and all the rejections. The Career Diet really taught me the strategy behind job searching. I finally was able to land a new job in one of the companies I was interested in and in the continent I wanted to move to (USA to Europe), and level up to the Scrum Master position I wanted. In addition to that, I learned what my values and skills are which allows me in the future to choose jobs that I would enjoy more.

Charlotte J., Scrum Master (Germany)

What people are saying about The Career Diet

I landed a senior role in my target industry, sustainability, with a 41% salary increase, working with organizations like the UN and WWF. The Star Candidate program empowered me to take control of my career.”

I landed a €55K dream job with visa sponsorship in Germany (without speaking German!)”

“I was a burnt-out special education elementary school teacher and now I’m a Customer Success Specialist at EF Education First

“I was overwhelmed and uncertain about re-entering the workforce but through the program, I moved from New Zealand to South Korea and landed a Communications Officer position in South Korea that came with visa sponsorship, accommodation and relocation benefits

This can be you in a matter of weeks

The Star Candidate Program is for you if you are…

  • A driven go-getter unhappy in your current role but don’t know what roles out there would be a better fit
  • A trailblazer confident with what you want to do but can’t seem to land your dream role
  • An ambitious job seeker tired of what I call the ‘Apply and Pray’ strategy where you send out hundreds of applications, only to receive the dreaded ‘Unfortunately on this occasion…’ email
  • A motivated graduate who is excited to start the awesome career you know lies ahead of you but are struggling to land your first ‘official’ role
  • An experienced veteran looking to pivot into a new industry or move across the world without taking a pay cut
  • A lifelong learner committed to doing the work and not just looking for a quick fix

And are looking to…

  • Eliminate the fear and self-doubt that comes with job searching and making big career moves
  • Discover your dream career that will give you a greater sense of fulfillment and enjoyment (and of course, also pay well!)
  • Make a big career move and turn that dream career into your everyday reality

total professionals coached

countries served

industries represented


salary increase

What’s included:

Lifetime access to 60+ video lessons (+ access to all future updates)

At The Career Diet, we’re lifelong learners who don’t believe in handing you the solutions, but rather, teach you the skills that you will use time and time again throughout the exciting career that lies ahead of you. You will have access to all our teachings and any future updates because we want you to support you at every stage of your career!

The complete job search strategy

Not sure where to start your search for the dream job? We’ve got everything outlined for you, step-by-step. You will get 8 core training modules designed to overcome any struggle you might face in your journey. Topics include: Mindset, Personal Brand, Target Company and Role, LinkedIn, Network like a Pro, Resume, Master the Interview, Salary Negotiation.

20+ downloadables with homework, exercises, scripts, templates, and trackers

A job search strategy without implementation is… simply a PDF document. At The Career Diet, we want to make sure the knowledge you gained from the videos are easily actionable. Thus, we created a library of plug-and-play done-for-you downloadables breaking down each structure, framework ad script, so you won’t have to figure it out yourself!

BUT that’s not all… I want to make sure you will 100% land your dream job and so I have added these BONUSES to further guide you:

BONUS: Unlimited coaching


You get unlimited lifetime access to our weekly group coaching calls. That’s right. There is no time limit. We’re here to support you. You can join our coaching calls even after you land your dream job and are looking for support with your next role in the future.

Because I know that everyone is different and has a different journey, I want to make sure you feel 100% supported in how to apply what you learn in the program to your specific situation. In these coaching calls, you will get your questions answered, get support for the job opportunities you’re working on, get a motivation boost when you’re down, and feel a part of the community.

Call times alternate between 12 pm EST and 6 pm EST on Tuesday to accommodate for the different time zones. You also have an option to submit a question that will be answered during the live session and watch the recording at your convenience.


Note: Lifetime access refers to the lifetime of The Star Candidate Program. Read more in our Terms & Conditions on

BONUS: Community and network of like-minded professionals

Job searching can be a lonely process. But no more! One of my favourite parts of the program is the community that you are introduced to the second you join. I love hearing your stories of connecting with and learning from other students and alumni of the program, both during group coaching sessions and inside our LinkedIn Group. You don’t always have to go searching for the professionals in your target industries on LinkedIn – some of them are right there in The Career Diet community.

Student Dana

From analyst to director of operations in a new industry and 40% salary increase

I was completely burnt out and quit my job as an analyst in the consumer goods sector to take some time to recover. I knew that I wanted to fast track my path to my next job – why take 10 times longer if it’s possible to shorten the process and the learning curve? That’s when I joined The Star Candidate program. My mindset and attitude towards job searching changed: I got clear on the kind of job I want, a job that is aligned with my values. I learned how to make connections on LinkedIn and build my brand which was pivotal in helping me get headhunted in a completely new industry and landing the job. I went from being an analyst to a Director of Operations with a team of 100 people, earning 6 figures for the first time (a 40% salary increase!).”

Luisa S., Director of Operations, International Law Firm (USA)

Student Dana

Dream job and industry pivot in 2 months

Investing in the Star Candidate Program was the best decision I made while trying to switch career lanes, it not only helped me with the interview process and bag my dream job, I continue to use these strategics in my day to day communication at work. It was worth every penny. Anna’s methodology on how to prepare for interviews and address questions in a structured, simple and concise manner was a GAME CHANGER. I was walking into interview with immense confidence and knew I could handle any question thrown at me. Changing career paths is not easy but Anna helped me address that in the interviews even when that question was not ‘directly’ asked. This is a tremendous skill to answer the question and manage to give the answer you want at the same time. I got the job I wanted within 2 months of joining the program. That says it all!

Bansri M., Braze, Integration and Onboarding (USA)

Student Vidhan

Dream job created for him and work visa for Luxemburg

“I cannot tell you which one module made a difference for me. Not the networking module, not the interview module. Rather, it’s the program as a whole that brings it all together. Anna taught me the skills I needed to find my dream job. And that gave me a sense of control and confidence that is reflected when dealing with people in interviews and networking chats.

Instead of investing in services that depreciate in value. For example, hiring someone to craft a strong resume for me. I wanted to invest in something that won’t leave me dependent on them. With The Star Candidate Program, I was taught the skills that I will use again and again in the future.

One thing that stood out to me about the program is Anna’s personalised touch. You could tell that the program is a part of her, a very important part of herself. And that is how she treated all of us when working with her. I had lots of questions and would constantly disturb her but she answered all my questions very calmly and assured me when I overthink.”

Vidhan V., Space Engineer at GomSpace (Luxemburg)

Ready to invest in yourself and kickstart your dream career?

Anna Belyaeva - The Career Diet - About Me

Hi, I’m Anna

Founder of The Career Diet, part-time job search strategist, part-time career coach, and full-time cheerleader!

Not long ago, I was in your position. I grew up in a small Russian town in the middle of nowhere, surrounded by people who have never lived outside of our little town nor traveled much.

Growing up, my family didn’t have a lot of money and I never had the chance to learn how to speak English fluently until I was in my 20s.

Despite all of that, I have since lived in 5 countries, 7 cities, attended a competitive business school in Canada on a scholarship, changed careers twice without starting from the bottom or taking a pay cut, received multiple 6 figure job offers, and built a successful sales career abroad… all while having to speak a foreign language every day.

And trust me when I say this hasn’t been an easy path…

Early on in my career, there were countless job interviews, rejections from my dream jobs, A LOT of tears, self-doubt, and settling for okay offers.

It took me years to understand what it takes to master the job skills and in the Star Candidate Program, you get to fast-track the journey.

In this program, I have broken down everything I’ve learned in a proven and structured framework that teaches you how to be seen as a top candidate and how to be sought after by the top employers in the country. I will give you the arsenal of tools needed to be a Star Candidate – from personal branding to a standout resume, we will have you ready to wow your dream employer in no time.

I went from a struggling international student abroad to the top salary in my industry. From countless auto rejections to 6 figure job offers that found me, without me looking or applying. From ‘Sorry we’ve had more experienced candidates’ to ‘What would it take for you to come on board’ just 15 minutes into a job interview. If I could do it, you could do it.

And of course… I will guide you on every step of the journey until you hear the ‘What would it take for you to come on board’ …

Past students landed at

Imagine this, in just 8 modules, you will have…

  • Clarity on what’s next for you by narrowing down roles that not only play up your strengths but also consist of daily tasks you enjoy
  • Confidence to apply for that job you’ve dreamt of, now that you know what makes you stand out and what you have to offer – even if you have no experience!
  • Landed offers from your dream company that align with both your personal values and your lifestyle
  • Gained the necessary knowledge to negotiate your salary plus the mindset shifts to be confident in asking for the salary you deserve
  • Built recognition amongst hiring managers by learning how to get in front of them and asking the right questions to leave a lasting impression on them
  • An upleveled mindset shift that takes you from being afraid of putting yourself forward for networking events or interviews to actually looking forward to them
  • Master the skill of job searching that will serve you for the rest of your career
If that sounds like something you’re ready to commit to achieving, you might just be the next Star Candidate in line for that dream role!

What industries and functions is the Star Candidate Program for?

The Star Candidate program is for ambitious professionals in ALL industries and functions. My past students landed jobs in:

Customer Success
Project Management

Policy Development
UX/UI Design
Apparel Design
Interior Design
Senior Living

Data Analysis
Oil and Gas
Space Science

The Career Diet - Shobhith Testimonial

From burned out school teacher to a remote customer success role

I was a special education elementary school teacher and now I’m a Customer Success Specialist at EF Education First. Before joining the program, I was burnt-out and wanted to explore my potential beyond teaching. The program provided me with invaluable support, coaching, and resources to navigate my journey. It helped me build essential networking skills and develop confidence in myself. The most valuable part of the program was the self-discovery and understanding of my strengths, which empowered me to showcase my unique value to potential employers. I highly recommend the Star Candidate Program as it offers a comprehensive and supportive framework for those seeking a successful career transition.

Erica B., Customer Success Specialist, EF Education First (USA)


How long is the program?

I know that work and life can get in the way, so I’ve designed the program to be self-paced. You have lifetime access to all video lessons and course materials – this way, you can access the topics you need coaching on whenever you need it, any time of the day. You also have unlimited coaching through weekly group coaching calls. I got your back!

How much time do I need to invest in SCP every week?

The program is designed to fit with YOUR schedule. If you’re busy, you can take your time working through the program and implementing what you learn: you have lifetime access to the materials and coaching – I don’t want you to worry that your time will run out.

Most lessons inside the program are 5-15 minutes long, so even if you have a busy week ahead, you can still find time to watch a couple of lessons and take steps towards your goal of landing a dream job.

If your schedule is open and job search is your number one priority, you can go through the program faster (and see the results faster too!).

Does it matter where I’m located?

Not at all! My past students come from all around the world: North America, Europe, India, and Australia. We have had students from over 30 countries!

What if I don’t know what I want to do?

I’ve got you! I believe in taking a holistic approach to job searching and want your career to serve your dream life. In Module 2 “Discover Your Dream Job”, you learn how to narrow down your target employers and roles. You’ll dive deep into what you want to achieve in your work life and your personal life, in order to identify roles that integrate both. You then narrow down potential careers and dream employers to find the perfect match that fits into your vision of a fulfilling life.

But we don’t stop there. As the final step, you take your list of potential dream employers and meet with them in real life to make sure that it is, indeed, a perfect fit. I’ll teach you exactly how to do that in Module 3 “Network like a Pro”. And don’t worry, I’ll teach you everything you need to know about how to meet your target employer and what strategic questions to ask.

I have a lot going on and I’m not sure... Is now the right time to join?

Have you realized that you spend more time at work than with your family? And if your career, this HUGE part of your week, is not making you feel happy, fulfilled and appreciated… How does that affect your relationships, your physical and mental health, the enjoyment you normally get from your hobbies?

The longer you stay in a career that doesn’t serve you anymore, the more you let it affect every other area of your life.

And the busier you are, the MORE you need a step-by-step strategy to save yourself time and effort trying to DIY your way to a dream job.

What if I get stuck and need additional help?

You have my support every step of the way. You get unlimited coaching through our weekly group coaching calls to discuss your personal struggles and also for me to follow and cheer you on your journey towards growth.

And don’t forget, you get lifetime access to our weekly group coaching calls. That’s right. When you join us inside The Star Candidate program, we have your back. And if a couple of years after you land your dream job you decide that you want to move somewhere else… you can come back to SCP and still get coaching support.

Can I just figure this out on my own? There is a ton of tips available online

You’ve probably read and watched your fair share of job searching tips but yet, you’re here. You still don’t have complete clarity on what your dream job is and how to land it.

That’s because tips are NOT the same as a full strategy and step-by-step implementation plan to accompany that strategy. Tips are NOT the same as having an expert guide you on how to adjust that implementation plan to YOUR situation.

I recently heard on a podcast that, in life, we pay for things either with our time or with our money. Isn’t that the truth! I don’t know about you, but I believe that we can make our money back easily (my clients’ ROI is proof of that), but we can’t ever get our time back.

You can spend the next few years trying to piece together the strategy and the plan, inevitably make a ton of mistakes along the way, miss out on years of fulfilment and pay that you deserve, and, potentially, still not figure it out on your own.

Or, you can choose to invest in yourself and join The Star Candidate program today to get instant access to the A-Z roadmap to success and unlimited coaching support. This way, you are guaranteed to get to your goal of a dream career (and dream pay!) in the fastest and easiest way possible.

How quickly can I expect to see results?

You will start seeing results immediately – you will see huge mindset changes after watching the first few lessons.

I can’t guarantee that you will receive a job offer and how quickly you will receive it. This depends on your starting point, how complex your situation is (changing industries, moving countries, etc.), and how quickly you start implementing what you learn in the program. You have lifetime access to the program and coaching, so I got you covered, even if your situation is complex and it will take time. My policy is “No student left behind!”.

That said, past students have received job offers as fast as 3 weeks, and most student land the it dream job in 3-5 months.

What’s the refund policy?

I offer 30-day ‘do the work’ full refund policy. This means that if within 30 days after joining the course you watch a reasonable number of video lessons, do all the exercises and assignments that come with them, log in for at least two live office hours, but feel like the program is not the right fit for you, I’ll issue a full refund. Check ‘Terms and Conditions’ for more.

100% Risk Free – ALL REWARD, NO RISK

Dream career, guaranteed

I am going on this journey with you and I guarantee that you will land a dream job because there is no limit to the support that you’ll get with unlimited coaching. You won’t fail unless you stop.

30 Day Full Refund Policy

I offer “Do The Work” refund policy. If you attend the coaching calls, do the modules, implement what I tech and still not satisfied – I’ll fully refund you.

Invest in yourself today

Claim your spot now for a commitment of:

Join 300+ ambitious professionals who bet on themselves and made their dream careers their reality. Begin your journey to the job you deserve today!

What’s included:

    • Lifetime access to content portal, including all future updates
    • 8 core training modules: Mindset, Discover Your Dream Job, Network like a Pro, Personal Brand, LinkedIn, Resume, Master the Interview, Salary Negotiation
    • 20+ done-for-you downloadables with scripts, templates, and trackers
    • BONUS: Unlimited access to weekly 60 min group coaching calls
    • BONUS: Lifetime access to community and network of like-minded professionals via a private LinkedIn group
    • PAY-IN-FULL BONUS: Interview vault with recordings of live mock interviews with past students from 20+ industries and various seniority level


    One payment of:


    Payment plan

    6 monthly payments of:


    Invest in yourself today

    Your commitment

    Invest in yourself today

    Your commitment

    Join 300+ ambitious professionals who bet on themselves and made their dream careers their reality. Begin your journey to the job you deserve today!

    Real people. Realistic results.

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