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Student Vidhan

It was via networking that I landed this new job in a brand new industry

“One of the most powerful tools Anna taught me is networking. It was via networking that I landed this new job in a brand new industry. Within two months in Anna’s program, I was able to leave my unfulfilling, underpaying job and I landed a position at a tech startup as an account executive. Definitely the most illustrious title I’ve had under my belt, and if things go to plan, I’m on my way to doubling my salary within 6 months. If you are ready to put in the worth and recognize your own potential, Anna is your person. Do it!!!”

Kim N., Account Executive, Ed-Tech

Student: Pinar

It changed my life!

“Anna is a genius. Networking can be such an abstract concept to someone with zero experience like me but she broke it down to very simple and actionable steps that changed my life. By lesson 3, I was already landing interviews and even gotten advocacy from a Partner in my firm who asked HR to give me a second chance when I let my nerves get the best of me and failed my first interview!”

Xindi S., EY, Assurance - Senior Associate

Student: Pinar

I used to think that organizations post their vacancies online

“I didn’t know much about job search process. I used to think that organizations post their vacancies online, but The Career Diet helped me realize that the market is not bounded to those applications and helped me in getting into the market which is accessible to candidates with pro-active approach. I would definitely recommend anyone who is thinking about taking up Career Diet to just GO FOR IT 100%!! It is going to change your approach of job search.”

Vidhan V., Engineer, GomSpace

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